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We are here to reframe your approach to leadership.

We challenge you to unlock the power of the RIGHT BRAIN to allow creativity, emotion, and vulnerability into your business in order to build trust, loyalty, performance, and joy. When you do this, you’ll win the war for talent, provide the highest level of service and quality, be the preferred customer or vendor, and serve your communities. You’ll create raving fans of your business.

How? Business principles have been dominated for decades by left brain approaches – data, analysis, strategy, cold logic – the numbers tell the story. We’ve found in our businesses that people respond more to creative, empathetic, RIGHT-BRAIN leaders and teams. Those who are vulnerable, transparent and inspiring. Those that trust and collaborate. Those who put people first and serve.  We train LEADERS and TEAMS to infuse these principles to create connection, loyalty, and performance in every aspect of their businesses.

Make no mistake, we haven’t abandoned the left brain. We apply analytical tools, identify business drivers, plan and execute with accountability. Our track records demonstrate strong financial performance, and we believe in making money. But, when combined with a right-brain management philosophy, something truly powerful happens.

It’s simple, really. Right-brain leadership. Leadership from the heart. Living the Golden Rule.

This is the journey to Become Unmistakable. Mike Novakoski, President, and CEO of Elzinga & Volkers has taken his firm from commodity player in the highly competitive construction business to an oddity in the industry on a national basis. Whereas his competitors struggle to hire and retain the talent they need to meet current business volumes, Mike and his team have a “virtual employee waiting room” filled with applicants waiting to join them as the company grows. Not only has he created “raving fans” of his employees, but their families, the company’s vendors, clients, communities, and even competitors have joined the ranks of supporters. E&V has been recognized locally, regionally and nationally as a top company to work for, and has won numerous awards in a multitude of categories. The beauty is, the approach can work for any company, any industry, for-profit or non-profit. If you have more than one employee, you have the opportunity to be inspired and bring Unmistakable change to your business. It is all laid out in our book which is available now.

Become Unmistakable - Journey from Commodity to Oddity

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