Regardless of industry, the war for talent is on every organization’s radar. Mike Novakoski and John Parker—leaders of West Michigan-based Elzinga & Volkers Construction Professionals—have talent attraction and retention figured out, and are sharing their learnings and industry-agnostic strategies with the launch of a new consulting business and the release of their book, Become Unmistakable: Start the Journey from Commodity to Oddity.


Led by a team of seasoned business professionals, Become Unmistakable, LLC is a training and consulting organization dedicated to transforming companies from the black and white world of business into a colorful world of employee-centric disciplines and right-brained leadership.

Become Unmistakable focuses on a right-brain philosophy in the typically left-brain business world,” said Novakoski. “We’ve found that bringing compassion, creativity and selflessness into the work environment—where only logic and analytics once reigned—leads to a more enthusiastic workforce, and better business outcomes for companies and customers alike.”

Become Unmistakable will help organizations implement practices that reduce turnover, increase engagement, and turn people both inside and outside the organization into raving fans. The company has developed a set of tangible tools, ranging from year-long leadership courses to multi-day retreats, to help leaders in any industry unlock the power of the right brain to achieve left-brain metrics.

“We’ve had an incredible journey, growing from a small construction firm to a nationally recognized organization in high demand by both clients and prospective employees,” said Parker. “We’ve learned so much along the way, and we’re passionate about sharing our strategies and helping companies see what they can achieve when they start to put their people first.”

In partnership with veteran business leader and entrepreneur, Rob Dwortz, the Become Unmistakable team offers flexible resources and the commitment to walk alongside its clients as they embark on their journey to become a unique player in their field.

“The complementary experience that we each bring to the table results in a truly effective approach that will help companies win the war for talent once and for all,” said Dwortz. “We’ve been through it ourselves, so we know that it works, and we’re excited to show other companies how to implement employee-centric strategies that will help them become unmistakable organizations.”

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