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Become an Unmistakable Leader with Become Unmistakable
Become an Unmistakable Leader with Become Unmistakable
Right-Brain Justified

Harness the power of right-brain leadership. Program fundamentals – relationship building – vulnerability and trust – “toggle” from left to RIGHT – “In v. On” – “RIGHT-brain it!” in collaboration with other leaders.


Integrate Vision and Values and live by them. Single-day session – visioning exercises – personal v. company values – values-based recruiting – diversity of thought – “Creed” exercise – practice innovative methods – virtual employee waiting room.

TEAM Building

Build teams that trust, collaborate, disagree, and commit. Overnight session – “life walk” – team function – “The Perfect Day” – risk tolerance and delegation – staff leadership teams – running effective retreats – innovative team alignment.

Gifted Messenger

Craft unmistakable communications with intention, emotion and visual appeal. Single-day session – the Power of Storytelling – How strong are your ABS (Artifacts, Beliefs and Stories) – delivering authentic presentations – Message Matrix™.

Employee Journey

Create unmistakable engagement with tangible, technology-enabled tools. Single-day session – onboarding (Blueprint for Success™) – values-based assessment (SIEVE™ analysis) – Get Visual! (business plan mapping) – align personal and professional success (uMap™) – event strategies.

Innovative Alliance

Institutionalize collaboration and accountability in your business with RIGHT-brain methodologies. Single-day session – collaboration update format – innovative problem-solving – meeting cadence – aligned accountability program.

Outside Your Walls

Apply an unmistakable approach 360 degrees around your business while you develop a plan for continuing education. Single-day session – vendor/community member of the year – navigating industry resources – peer networks – Individual Development Plans.

Reach The Summit

Conclude the program by applying the tools to your business context. Craft a leadership plan that combines the LEADER teachings – critiqued and supported by your classmates – peer learning strategy to sustain the journey – closing exercises.

Class Schedule

The program meets monthly on Fridays (Thursdays during summer months) from 8:30 – 4:30. Workshops three and eight are overnight sessions. Specific dates for the class of 2019 are as follows:

LEADER Session /January – August 2019

April 26

March 22

April 18-19


May 17

June 20


July 18


August 15


September 19-20

(overnight: Thursday – Friday)

Unmistakable LEADER is an 8-month intensive learning program that will transform individual managers into inspirational LEADERS. Experienced executives and leadership trainers will guide LEADER-learners through each session, supplemented by subject-matter experts and guest CEOs who will share their unmistakable stories. Learn to unlock the power of the RIGHT brain and apply unique strategies to inspire high-performing teams. Become employee-centric to create raving fans of your organization and win the war for talent. Apply intentional communication techniques to connect stakeholders to your vision, values and ambitions. Institutionalize collaboration, accountability and innovative thinking while developing a peer-based learning community to sustain the journey. This transformational program concludes with a capstone project that applies tools and strategies to create unmistakable, tangible value to your organization.

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