HOLLAND, Michigan – Become Unmistakable, a West Michigan-based leadership training and business consulting firm, has launched a new management software tool, uMap™, to help organizations create meaningful connections with employees and win the war for talent. With the launch, the firm has named Danielle Bouwhuis as the leader of the software platform.


The uMap™ management software is designed to enable organizations to place a laser focus on their most important asset – people. The software works by collecting information unique to each employee in order to celebrate the needs and aspirations of the individual alongside the traditional accountabilities of the organization.  The software captures information that will improve and personalize every employee’s experience from pre-hire to retire.  The uMap™ has multiple applications, including recruiting and on-boarding, engagement, performance assessment, talent development, and community-building, among others.


“The uMap™ tool provides actionable insights for every leader to improve employee engagement. It serves as a catalyst for creating communities, organizational alignment, and unmistakable connections,” said Rob Dwortz, founding partner at Become Unmistakable. “An optimal uMap™ experience creates a happier, more-engaged and better-developed employee when the management tool is incorporated into an organization’s culture. The results drive business outcomes like reduced attrition, increased revenue and improved customer experiences.”


Joining Become Unmistakable to lead the uMap™ software team is Danielle Bouwhuis. Bouwhuis brings 10 years of experience in education and technology to the Become Unmistakable team. She began her career as a teacher but quickly developed a passion for leveraging the power of technology in the classroom. She has served on technology committees and as a technology coach, instructing teachers on software integration. Most recently, Danielle served as Instructional Technology Specialist for Catholic Central High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. “Employee engagement has become the top issue on the minds of business leaders as we fight the war for talent,” said Bouwhuis. “I am thrilled to join Become Unmistakable and contribute to their mission of creating meaningful connections by helping organizations become employee-centric with the uMap™ management software.”


“Danielle’s wealth of experience in educational software and integration has made a significant impact on the development of the uMap™ management tool. We are very fortunate to have found someone of Danielle’s caliber to fulfill this role,” said Dwortz.